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The PAO (ORs) Para Regt maintains the pay accounts and AFPP Fund accounts of the Personnel below officer rank (PBORs) of Para Regt besides some TA personnel. This is one of the smaller PAOs under the Office of the Principal Controller Of Defence , Bangalore, handling approximately 10000 Individual Running Ledger Accounts (IRLAs), of the PBORs

The main functions of this PAO are:

1. Maintenance of pay accounts and AFPP fund accounts of PBORs, Territorial Army (TA) Personnel.

2. To ensure prompt settlement of pay and AFPP fund account of personnel becoming non-effective, issue of LPC cum data sheet in respect of PBORs becoming non-effective, rendering of Abstract and Receipts charges for inclusion in All India compilation of accounts.



List of PBORs/JCOs having NO PAN / INCORRECT PAN as on 23/08/2012

From the Desk of Addl. CDA

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