DDP Centre deals in the processing work of the following.

  •      PAO(ORs) PARA Regt Regular and TA Personnel IRLAs

  •      Last Pay Certificate.

  •       Monthly Pay System Processing for PAO(ORs) PARA Regt.

At present Monthly Pay System processing for Regular PBORs/JCOs is done under Dolphin and for the TA Personnel Quarterly Pay System processing is done under COBOL platform.

Processing work involves.

Validation/updation of all the modules until purification.
Capturing of DO2 Data from Army Sources such as, ARPAN & HRSUIT and conversion thereof.
Consolidating data for final transfer to IRLA.
Maintenance of control registers.
Rendering of reports & returns including printing of IRLA/QSAs printing.
Generation IRLAs/QSAs and Pay Bills in PDF format for uploading to Website of Pao Para & ARMY Intranet.

 Section Head:  P.K.Badrinarayanan, AAO