The soldiers of the Indian Army stationed at various far flung locations, away from their homes, are busy protecting our nation. They have little time to look after their pay & allowances and other payments falling due to them. It has been the motto of this Office and our continuous endeavour to ensure that while these men in the olive greens are selflessly serving the nation, they need have little worry about their pay packages, which is in safe hands. It is priority to offer them quality services and to ensure that they get their dues on time. It is our main aim that their needs are adequately taken care of.

In this our mission of providing satisfactory services to the Jawans, we have undertaken several projects for fine tuning our system and improving the quality of services being rendered to these men.

Another achievement of paramount importance in this direction is the implementation of the “Monthly Payment System”, under which the pay & allowances of the jawans are credited directly to their respective bank accounts through electronic fund transfers/ECS, on a monthly basis. The new system is more user friendly, and has been developed keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the Jawans. It is a vast improvement over the present system of quarterly Accounts of the Jawans and envisages the following Changes:

a. In the old system of maintenance of pay & allowances on running ledgers, the individual was dependent upon the latest Quarterly Statement of Account for knowing his balance for which he would have had to wait for 3 months. There were chances of the QSAs not being received at all, posing hurdles in drawing of advances. Under the present system, the pay gets credited directly to his bank account on a monthly basis and with his pass book and an ATM/Debit card, he is able to draw the amount anytime and at place of his posting.

b. Since the pay of the jawans is credited directly into their bank accounts, they also become eligible for availing various offers, loans, schemes of the bank.

c. ‘Time’ being the essence, the scheme when extended to contingent needs of the jawans, like Fund drawals, Advances, etc., would go a long way in rendering timely help to them, which under the old system would take much longer.

To conclude it would not be far fetched, if we proudly announce ourselves as “A PAO THAT TAKES CARE OF THE NEEDS OF THE CARETAKERS [of the nation]